Our environment

Our environment


Formed by six municipal areas, this is the ideal place to enjoy nature, sport, the countryside and animals. In the valley you can also enjoy the architecture, the history, music and painting, you can enjoy the people, the pleasant and warm way about them. You can find that often longed-for peace and tranquillity, stroll kilometres and kilometres along small paths that take you to the prettiest corners of these natural surroundings. In Camprodon, the place where the valley comes together, you can enjoy a large number of trades and you are sure not to be able to resist the temptation of good dried sausage, the splendid Birba biscuits or coming to the Restaurant El Pont9, where we give you the chance to try the region’s gastronomy.


Standing in the centre of the valley, Camprodon’s tourist tradition goes back more than a century. It offers a rich commercial life around carrer València, the busiest and main street of the town, now turned into a pedestrian area. It also provides a very complete leisure, hotel and sports offer. Admire the Romanesque bridge of Camprodon, which stands in front of our restaurant, visit the Monastery of St. Pere and the Isaac Albéniz Museum …, or simply stroll around the shops, along Passeig Maristany or Passeig de la Font Nova.


Discover Molló Park, the Animal Park of the Camprodon Valley. This is a natural park in Molló that offers visitors a 2 to 3 hours route amidst stags, fallow deer and roe deer, mouflons, bears, mountain goats, beavers, wolves ... A favourite visit for young and old.


Get away to discovery!
Vallter is the most Mediterranean snow of the Pyrenees. Now open for almost 35 years as a ski and mountain resort, Vallter 2000 is at the centre of a glacial circle (circle of Morens - Ull de Ter), in the easternmost zone of the Pyrenees, in the Ripollès local region and the municipal area of Setcases. Vallter 2000 has 11 mechanical ski lifts: 2 chairlifts, 5 ski lifts, 3 belts and 1 surface lift. Snow is also guaranteed here thanks to the 84 snow guns. Get away to do sport and enjoy.


A charming and picturesque village that is an architectural monument in itself. A little corner of the Ripollès reaching up to the sky. You get to the village via Camprodon, on the C-38 road to Molló, turning off to the right for Rocabruna and Beget. The village is at an altitude of 541 metres and its stone houses and streets climb in steps above the river, which is crossed by two old and well-preserved mediaeval bridges.


The tourist destination par excellence.
Privileged natural and scenic surroundings that captivate all travellers.

Valley of Núria

A unique valley in the Ripollès region.
A world of sensations from your arrival. Discover unbeatable surroundings where the waters of the river Núria can only run down narrow and deep gorges. The Vall de Núria mountain resort, with its unique natural and scenic wealth, is in the Eastern Pyrenees, in the municipal area of Queralbs. Overlooking one of the highest points of the Ribes Valley, surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 metres, which are the source of a multitude of springs and streams. We suggest you enjoy this spectacular high mountain scenery on a very special form of transport: the rack train. This travels 12.5 km and climbs more than 1,000 metres.

The romanesque of the Ripollès

Discover the Romanesque of the Ripollès and of our valley. Works of great beauty with more than 98 monuments spread around the towns and villages of the region: hermitages, oratories, sanctuaries, churches, bridges, castles to leave you in awe!

Hiking, mountain and adventure sports

The Ripollès is at once a Pyrenean region and very close to the Mediterranean, which means that, along with the first great mountain ranges of the Pyrenees, we can enjoy a splendid climate to do all kinds of routes, from the easiest suitable for families, to the more difficult for experienced walkers.
Follow the Itinerànnia Network of Tracks, the Grandes Routes like the GR1, do mountain and adventure sports (snowshoes and mountain skiing, climbing, alpinism, canyoning, etc.). We hope you come and enjoy everything our region has to offer.

Discover everything you can do in the Ripollès

Enter www.elripolles.com our tourist portal. Here you will find our region’s full tourist offer very easily, in full detail and presented appropriately for travellers who want to discover our lands.

Les Fonts de Camprodon

Un dels molts atractius que els hi ofereix la Vila de Camprodon són les seves fonts. Passejar per l'entorn del poble tot gaudint dels diferents sortidors d'aigua és una activitat que els hi permetrà fer esport envoltats de naturalesa i aire pur. De fet, és en aquesta puresa on trobem l'origen del turisme a la Vila; i és que, els metges de principis del segle XX, recomanaven als seus pacients de venir a Camprodon a veure d'aquestes aigües i respirar aire pur. Entre ells el Dr. Robert, personatge de gran transcendència a Camprodon  l'escola porta el seu nom. 


Descobreix un racó rncantador de la Vall de Camprodon, Salarsa.

L'església de Salarsa és un edifici romànic situat a dalt d'un turonet que presideix tota la Vall de Salarsa. El 7 d'abril de 2018, es va inaugurar un projecte de restauració per poder gaudir plenament de la seva bellesa.

La seva situació geogràfica, aïllada del món ens transmet una sensació de benestar i tranquilitat a l'hora de visitar-la.