Our dishes Rice with cuttlesfish and mushrooms Home made croquettes

Our dishes

Rice with cuttlesfish and mushrooms

Home made croquettes

Disches snacks

Snails roasted in the pan 16€

Batter fried squied  16,50€

Iberian ham  20€

Duck foie  14€

L'Escala anchovies on crispy flatbread  14€

Assorted artisanal croquettes  9,75€

Salt cod fritters, pine nuts, pine honey  10€ 

Camprodon valley potatoes stuffed with organic colt meat from the Ripollès region  11,50€


. Shrimp ravioli with morel cream sauce  18€

. Our meat and vegetable broth served with the boiled meat and vegetable 15,50€

. Poached Ca la Xica egg, mashed potatoes, mushroom stew, gravy  16,50€

. Crispy pork sausage, apple, onion confit and cow's milk cheese flatbread  16€

. Stuffed cabbage roll with cod brandade and roasted peper emulsion  15€

. Autumn salad, goat's cheese, mushroom confit, frisée salad, pomegranate, quince paste, mustard, honey  14€

. Sautéed duck liver with artichoke confit, l'Empordà grenache and duck reduction  18€




Seconds disches

. Organic beef tenderloin with l'Escala anchovy   24€

. Braised organic beef and foie on mashed potatoes and cabbage   18€

. "Boned" rack of organic suckling lamb, forked mashed potato, Camprodon Valley mushrooms   18€

. Catalan roasted free-range chicken, sweet potato   17€

. Duck with pears, salsifies and chestnuts   17€

. Crispy suckling pig, citrus fruits and tubers   18€

. Colt fillet with morel cream sauce   25€

Chargrilled meat

. Braised duroc pig's trotters with black turnips   16€

. Assorted artisanal pork sausages   12,50€

. Organic colt rib eye steak from the Ripollès region   25€

. Lamb   14,50€

. Shoulder of lamb   18,50€

. Maigret of duck   15,50€

The fish

. Stuffed squid   19,50€

. Roasted monkfish tail with spinach, pine nuts, raisins and hazelnuts   19€

. Soupy Pals rice with cuttlefish, meatballs, mushrooms, nutty sauce   16€

. Cod in Santa Pau white beans and tripe stew   20€


Cheesecake with fig jam   7,50€

Chocolate textures, bitter orange jam   7,50€

Hazelnut coulant, assorted nuts, ice cream   7,50€

Custard fritters with apple compote, cinnamon ice cream   7,50€

Apple tarte tatin and cream sauce   7,50€

Seasonal fruit and sorbet   7,50€