Our dishes Rice with cuttlesfish and mushrooms Home made croquettes

Our dishes

Rice with cuttlesfish and mushrooms

Home made croquettes

Disches snacks

  • Snails roasted in the pan
  • Batter fried squied
  • Iberian ham
  • Duck foie
  • Platter of cold sausages and cheeses
  • Grilled scampi ( 8 units)
  • L'Escala anchovies on crispy flatbread


  • Grilled sacallops with duck foie gras and Pedro Ximenez
  • Morel-filled shrimp ravioli with morel cream sauce
  • Chargrilled octopus with potato confit and mild black garlic sauce
  • Ember-roasted vegetables and roast orgànic beef on flatbread
  • Oxtail cannellonis
  • Shredded salt cod salad with tomato jam


Seasonal dishes

  • Anchovy, tomato and garlic crouton salad
  • Sweet onion salad whith infused tomato and spring fruits
  • Iberian ham, St George's mushroom confit, green bean and courgette stack.
  • Beef carpaccio and fermented sheep cheese on crispy rosemary brad
  • Melon soup with duck ham and frech mint ice cream.
  • Orgànic salmon tartare with crispy mini toast

Seconds disches

 Our specialties

  • Chargrilled lamb shoulder
  • Grilled turbot whith trumpets of death
  • Crispy suckling pig with apricot compote
  • Colt filled with morel cream sauce
  • Delta rice with prawns
  • Veal rib eye steak chargrilled


 Seasonal dishes

  • Cod loin confit with chanterelles
  • Kid goat cooked at low temperature with gravy and sheep cheese cream sauce
  • Monkfish tail with spinach, raisins and pine nuts
  • Free range chicken and scampi
  • Duck leg rosemary honey
  • Fideuà with a montain touch


  • Catalan cream with crunchy lemon, cinnamon sponge cake and egg yolk ice cream
  • Fresh milk with pralines, merengada milk, cottage cheese ice cream and honey foam
  • Chocolate sufllé with crunchy walnut biscuit and ratafia semisorbet
  • Caramelized banana with coffe sponge cake, vanilla ice cream and crunchy biscuit
  • Coulant of cookies with chocolate foam and ice cream
  • Lemon sponge cake with strawberry caviar, red fruit foam and peach sorbet
  • Fritters of cream and applesauce with cinnamon ice cream
  • Apple tatin with milk cream
  • Chocolate croquettes with raspberry sorbet
  • Selection of artisan cheeses